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Streamlined Living Trust

Choose this option if you feel comfortable executing your living trust, with a minimum of help and you don't own a property. If you do own a property feel free to contact us for help adding the property into your trust.

This option includes everything in our normal trust package except one property transfer preparation.

You are welcome to ask us questions via phone or email and receive property docs.  Receive a free consultation if you change your mind. Just let us know you want it. 

Streamlined Living Trust Package

Living Trust package includes Revokable Living Trust, Pour-Over Will, General POA; Health Directive/POA; Burial Wishes/information;


Due to the nature of this service there is three days (72 hours) to ask for a refund. After this amount of time, we have begun processing your order.  We want to reassure you that we will refund the cost of the product back to your original payment source within the first 72 hours of ordering. We want you to know that you can buy with confidence.


This order will be mailed to the physical address you have provided. The order should take 3-4 days to process and approximately 3 days to ship. All shipping costs are included in the purchase price. If we have a question and we aren’t able to reach you, this could lengthen the delivery window.

Digital File Copy

If you purchase a physical living trust from us you can receive a pdf copy at no extra charge.

Add a Property Into Your Trust

When you purchase a living trust package from us it includes one complimentary property documents to add into your trust. We will explain the process to you. The documents required depends upon the state you reside in or where the property is located. 



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